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Unforgettable Family Adventures to Antarctica and the Arctic

Family travel to Antarctia or the Arctic offers an unparalleled educational adventure, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife. Create memories in the most remarkable locations on our planet.

Children and adults alike witness stunning landscapes, from majestic glaciers to vibrant Auroras. Such trips encourage bonding through shared experiences and create will lifelong memories.

Total immersion in unique ecosystems and Northern cultures in Iceland, Greenland, or the Canadian Arctic will enhance your child's global awareness and in turn will promote environmental stewardship.

Embracing the Arctic and Antarctic's raw beauty instills a sense of wonder, curiosity, and respect for our planet's extremes and this is someting that your kids will never forget.

Options for adjoining cabins exist to make sure everyone is close and no one misses that penguin or iceberg!

Your Questions Answered!

What is the minimum age for children on an Antarctic or Arctic trip?

Generally the minimum age for a child to travel to Antarctica is eight years old. It's important to note that excursion options may be limited based on their size or weight. The Captain or Expedition Teams reserve the right to exclude younger guests from certain excursions for their safety based on conditions or the activity itself.

In the Arctic we have more options for younger children, with lower minimum ages!

Are there savings for children?

Yes, specifc savings for children of certain ages, 3rd and 4th guest savings are avaialble for children that meet age requirements. Cabin's and Suites and with sofa pull-outs are common and an accomodation style that many of our client-families opt for.

Larger families may qualify for Group Discounts!

What is there to do for children onboard?

Not every ship or voyage is the same but many cruises offer family-friendly itineraries with educational programs and fun, child-oriented, activities. It's important to realize that there are no childcare services onboard any expediton ship. This means that your kids are your responsibility for the duration of the trip. Your enthusiasm combined with science programs, including hands-on discussions in science centers, and other programmning will make for a rewarding experince for child and parent alike.

What other things do I need to consider?

Parkas & boots may not be available in children sizes and you may have to supply your own child-siezed waterproof jacket and boots.

Conditions at sea may not always be ideal for some children. This includes days at sea, when there isn't as much to do compared to days when excursions are taking place.

Observing wildlife needs to be done with the utmost respectf of the wildlife and other guests, setting expectations early, and regularly, with your children on certain behaviours, do's & don'ts, will make for a more pleasant and safe trip for everyone-including the wildlife.

My child is a picky eater, will there be kids meals?

Our ships have incredible chefs, extensive international menus, and most will have a buffet option for one or two meals-giving you lots of choice. We will work with you to find the best operator giving you the most flexibility for your child's meals.

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