Small group adventures and bespoke wildlife safaris in the Arctic.

polar bear on an iceberg in the Arctic

A pioneer in Arctic travel, Arctic Kingdom has been crafting legendary land-based Arctic safari tours and adventures for over 20 years.

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Featured Adventures

Baffin Island Dive Safari

May, Pond Inlet, Baffin Island

From CAD $30,125 including roundtrip airfare

Explore the Arctic from above and below the ice with the best and only Canadian Arctic scuba diving operator. Immerse yourself in a world of icebergs, become an Arctic diver among the drifting pack ice, the Arctic sea floor, and fascinating wildlife including narwhal, bowhead whales and polar bears on our Baffin Island Expedition.

Narwhal & Polar Bear, A Floe Edge Safari

May - June, various dates

From CAD $27,500 including roundtrip airfare.

Experience the classic spring floe edge where you may have the opportunity to view polar bears, narwhal and icebergs under the Midnight Sun.

Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Photo Safari

October-November, various dates.

From CAD $19,085 including commercial and charter flights.

This is an exclusive polar bear photography tour and a rare opportunity in the polar bear capital of the world during the annual polar bear migration back to Hudson Bay.

This cabin-based polar bear safari is specially designed to get you close to one of the world’s most magnificent predators in their natural habitat and will give you some ideal polar bear watching locations.

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