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Our best wildlife experiences: Antarctica and the Arctic

Antarctica, has some of the most resilient wildlife on the planet. The Southern Ocean teems with life, from microscopic plankton to colossal blue whales in the Drake Passage. Iconic emperor penguins breed during the harsh winter, enduring extreme cold with their communal huddling. Coastal areas bustle with wildlife with adelie, gentoo, and chin-stap penguins. Weddell seals, known for deep diving, and leopard seals, top predators with distinctive spotted coats will rest and float on pans of ice as you cruise the waterways. Seabirds, including albatross and petrels, traverse vast distances to forage. Orca, humpback, and minke will gorge on calorie-rich krill. This delicate ecosystem, intricately connected to the global environment, offers invaluable insights into survival in extreme conditions, making Antarctica a vital region for biodiversity and scientific research.

The Arctic is a land of extremes and it supports a diverse array of wildlife uniquely adapted to its frigid environment. Iconic species include the polar bear, a powerful predator relying on sea ice to hunt seals, and the Arctic fox, whose thick fur changes color with the seasons. Marine life flourishes, with bowhead whales, the near mythical narwhal, beluga, and walrus navigate these icy waters. Birds like snowy owls and Arctic terns, which migrate vast distances, thrive here. The Arctic never ceases to amaze as it showcases it's incredibly resiliant flora and fauna.

Our Best Wildlife Cruises

Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands

The relatively ice-free waters in and around the Peninsula are home to fur, crabeater, Wedell, and leopard seals. Soaring the skies will be petrals, antarctic terns, blue-eyed shags, and skuas and four different species of remarkably adapted pengiuns; chinstrap, gentoo, adelie, and emporer. Humpback and minke whales will be feeding on krill, while pods of orca are hunting seals.

Weddell Sea (Antarctic Peninsula)

Snow Hill Island is the most known, and accessbile, colony of breeding emperor penguins. This location while still difficult to access, is reknown for the near 10,000 emporers that are there and getting ready, with their nearly fledged chicks to get to the open ocean. Trips to Snow Hill Island sell-out quickly and are early in the Antarctic season.

Antarctica Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands

South Georgia Island

The Serengeti of the South Atlantic. This ecologically rich and remote island is home to hundreds of thousands of king penguins but also home to macaroni, and numbers of adelie penguins. Giant albatos will nest here and massive bull elephant and large fur seals own the beaches. The South Georgia pipit is huge (and interesting) conservation success story and this sparrow-sized bird is only found here.

Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Arctic, and moreover the Eastern Canadian Arctic (i.e. Lancaster Sound) is the most biologically productive Arctic region on the planet. Here you can find iconic mega fauna such as polar bear, walrus, narwhal, beluga, right whale, caribou, musk ox, arctic fox, and more.

Whichever your destination, the polar regions never cease to amaze with their diversity and richness.

Challenge your perception of these fragile, frozen lands and oceans to see some of the most fascinating and specially adapted wildlife on the planet.

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